Senior Shift Scheduler

Department Redpath Mongolia LLC

Date Posted 8/3/2021

Position Type Full Time

Reference No. 2021-4790

LocationUlaanbaatar, Ömnögovi, Mongolia

Application Deadline8/24/2021

Redpath Mongolia LLC has an opening for a Senior Shift Scheduler to join their dynamic team at the Oyu Tolgoi Project in Mongolia.  The site is situated in Southern Mongolia in the heart of the Gobi Desert flatlands.

Closing:  August 24, 2021

Location: Oyu Tolgoi

Rotation: 6 weeks on, 3 weeks off *Due to current Covid-19 travel restrictions, the rotation is subject to change.  Current rotation for government-mandated quarantine is as follows: 2 weeks of quarantine on entry to Mongolia (if not fully vaccinated); 6 weeks of work inclusive of any Government-mandated quarantine when returning to home country; 3 weeks off.  Subject to change.

Shift Length: 12 hours

Compensation: Redpath offers a comprehensive wage and benefit package

Travel: Flights provided from point of hire to job site

Conditions of Employment: Successful completion of pre-employment medical and substance abuse test

Accommodations: Camp setting

Job Description:

The Senior Shift Scheduler is responsible for optimizing the Plan VS Schedule mining related operations. With primary focus on the Top 6 Headings interacting with the Mine Captains, Supervisors and Mine personnel from various departments to ensure that all aspects of the underground operations are being planned and scheduled for best of the project needs.


Roles and Responsibilities:



  • Effectively supervise and coach performance by directing and coordinating all underground operations to:
    • Enhance the team’s capacity to complete internal projects, important planning and scheduling work
    • Schedule with multiple teams that daily production/development plans and schedules are met
    • Ensure supervisors pre-plan their day with schedulers
    • Work with SRP, and multiple departments to ensure daily, weekly and monthly plans are aligned and agreed.
    • Comply with all prescribed legislated requirements.
  • Having the authority and responsibility to effectively communicate and listen to key stakeholders at all levels:
    • Ensure a concentrated effort from supervisors and employees
    • Build effective working teams
    • Enhance employee ownership and value differences
    • Encourage behaviour to remove any internal or departmental barriers.
  • Conduct daily reviews of safety process and standard operating procedures:
    • Regularly review safety and standard operating procedures with Dev Coordinators, and schedulers
    • Provide advice and guidance to mining captains, coordinators, and schedulers.
    • Report non-compliance and ensure communications throughout the mine to not repeat event
    • Ensure Dayan employees understand and follow the top 6 priorities.
  • Ensure compliance of Company and Client policies and procedures, and, legislated requirements. Provide and support training within the mine department. Report people accountable for non-compliance to your superintendent.
  • Complete organization and planning of the following:
    • The shift plan for the week working with SRP and multiple departments.
    • Providing innovative improvements as suggested by department;
    • Assist in developing and monitor work schedules;
    • Monitor and control the execution of the plan.
  • Zero accidents and incidents, no environmental incidents and good employee health.
  • Daily pre-shift meetings with maintenance and engineering departments to ensure consistent priorities
  • Frequent communications and follow-up on all daily assigned tasks with coordinators and captains
  • Work under Mining Superintendent and report to him
  • Develop plans with shift bosses and captains as per weekly plan and top 6
  • Lead the focus of the weekly CRM topic and follow up on non-compliance to program.
  • Ensure workers' safety.
  • Identify work performance and quality level, within your team
  • Provide instructions for the team to follow the weekly plan
  • Develop plans as per work sequence.
  • Review and Monitor handover reports to the next shift with sign-offs.
  • Works in compliance with Oyu Tolgoi’s safety rules and the Internal Responsibility System.
  • Participates in appropriate training and complies within the scope of their responsibilities within the Environmental Management System.
  • Managing mining operations to safely meet agreed organizational performance targets for mine production within agreed budgets and timescales.
  • Provide the Site Superintendent with, daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  • Lead a Team of Captains in the coordination and execution of daily mining activities in the top 6.
  • Conduct planned safety audits
  • Liaising with other members of the Client’s management team so as to understand all necessary aspects and needs of the overall operation and planning of the top 6.
  • Maintaining a high level of communication with mining and maintenance crews, both through supervision and directly with the work force.
  • Accompany client’s representatives on their weekly or monthly inspections and measurements of production.


Health, Safety & Environment:

  • Having the authority and responsibility to maintain a safe and efficient working environment.
  • Follow Company and Oyu Tolgoi’s site health and safety standards and report any unsafe acts or conditions
  • Comply with Oyu Tolgoi’s Critical Risk Management (CRM) requirements.
  • Adhere with the seven life savings rules
    • Always positon yourself clear of suspended loads and unsupported ground.
    • Always wear fall prevention or fall protection when working at heights above 1.5m.
    • Always ensure energy sources are isolated, relevant permits and personal isolation locks are in place before you start work on any equipment.
    • Always come to work Fit for work and free from the influence of drugs and alcohol.
    • Always ensure authorisation and required permits are in place before you enter a confined space or restricted area.
    • Always have a valid permit for the equipment you operate and authorisation for the working area.
  • Record and escalate any breach of the lifesaving rules.
  • Identify activities that are not to standard or per the procedure, stop and correct
  • Identify and use resources within your control to rectify hazardous without being asked.
  • Report hazards, even ones that have been rectified.
  • Ensure you are familiar with all SWPs and standards for tasks they supervise.
  • Any task that is deemed to be high risk will be adequately managed by a supervisor with relevant experience to the task being performed.
  • Ensure that all incidents or near misses are reported to your line leader and Superintendent Mine Operations regardless of the actual consequence by the end of shift.
  • Significant incidents, injuries, or incidents that significant potential are immediately escalated to the line leader and Superintendent Mine Operations and that (with the assistance of HSE) the scene is preserved and that photographs and comprehensive statements are collected from each individual involved or witness to the incident.


Required Skills and Qualifications:



  • The incumbent will extensive underground mining experience with a minimum of 5 years’ supervisory experience supported by documented leadership training, and Engineering degree or equivalent preferred e.g. Common Core.


Work Experience/Skills:

  • An in-depth understanding of underground mine development and planning.
  • An in-depth understanding of mine safety legislation and regulations.
  • An in-depth understanding of underground mining practices, policies, procedures and standards.
  • An in-depth understanding of underground equipment.
  • A comprehensive understanding of mine-site operations.
  • Knowledge of computer programs including standard MS office programs.
  • highly effective organizational skills;
  • ability to communicate effectively in one-on-one and small group settings;
  • good oral and written communication skills;
  • Very strong interpersonal skills in order to develop effective internal and external relationships.
  • Proven leadership skills including the ability to lead and motivate individuals and teams;
  • Proven supervisory and management skills;
  • Effective conflict resolution skills;
  • Ability to effectively and calmly work in a team setting;
  • Ability to work independently on complex tasks and non-routine matte.



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